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Year 3 had a great European day last Friday! Details and photos here.

On Friday 25th January 2019, Year 3 had a special European celebration day and everyone looked great in their outfits.

The children spent the day learning about a variety of famous European artists including Michelangelo, a famous artist from Italy who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The children were challenged to lie under the table and paint a picture onto paper stuck to the underside of the table! It was really tricky but lots of fun and helped the children to realise just how impressive Michelangelo’s paintings were. They also learnt about Rembrandt, who was a portrait painter from Holland and created some very unusual portrait pictures using rubbers to draw with!

Throughout the day the children took their learning outside and completed a landmark construction challenge and a highlight of the day for everyone was pizza making, especially when they got to eat them!

The day finished with a special class assembly where the children got to share their learning about different European countries. Everyone had an amazing day!


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