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Year Five – Indigo Class

Welcome to Indigo Class!

Welcome to Indigo Class. Our teacher is Mrs Becker. Our PPA teacher is Mrs Rennie. Mrs. Round-Turner is our teaching assistant.

Please click on the links below to find out more information about Indigo Class.

In this section you will find our Termly Letters from Indigo Class (coming soon – Indigo Class Autumn 2019 letter)

Coming soon – News and Events in Indigo Class 2019/2020! (Please see below for some of the News and Events in Indigo Class 2018/2019!)

In this section you will find information on Year 5 National Curriculum Objectives, Homework Guidance and Curriculum Maps.

Year 5 – National Curriculum Objectives

Year 5 – Homework Guide

Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words

Year 5 – Autumn 1 Topic
‘From The Arun to the Amazon!’

Year 5 – Autumn 2 Topic
‘What The Dickens!’

Year 5 – Spring 1 Topic
‘Space…The Final Frontier…?’

Year 5 – Spring 2 Topic
‘Gruesome Greeks and Mystical Myths!’

Year 5 – Summer 1 Topic
‘The Circle of Life!’

Year 5 – Summer 2 Topic
‘Welcome to Brazil!’

In this section you will find useful links and websites.

Primary Homework help –
facts about Rivers!

Primary Facts – interesting facts about Charles Dickens!

Top Marks – Times Tables Practice

DK Find Out!
Charles Dickens

Just Fun Facts! – Interesting Facts about Rivers

Science for Kids Clubs –
Information on Rivers

Kiddle Website – 
Biography of Charles Dickens

Planets for Kids  – Information about our Solar System

The School Run – 
The Solar System

Primary Homework Help – Ancient Greece

National Geographic Kids – 10 Facts About Ancient Greece

BBC Bitesize –
Facts About Ancient Greece