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The Golden Mile 2017-2018



Well done to all our Golden Milers for 2017/2018! What a brilliant first year! 

Final totals for our classes….


Orange Class – 693.02    Yellow Class – 561.23
Green Class – 665.10      Blue Class – 1246.68
Indigo Class – 1792.51    Violet Class – 817.25

An amazing grand total of….5775.29 miles!

Let’s keep running in 2018/2019!


Welcome to the Golden Mile Page!

We update this page each week to tell you how we are progressing with our Golden Mile challenge!


Golden Mile club takes place every Monday lunchtime and every Thursday lunchtime – everyone is welcome!


All you need is a pair of trainers/plimsolls and your running legs!


Well done to our  “Golden Miler” award winners for the Summer term! You have shown amazing dedication and commitment to “The Golden Mile”. So far this year, our KS2 winner has run over 144 miles, and our KS1 winner has run over 87 miles this year. Well done boys!

Here are our previous winners of the “Golden Mile” award.


Here are our magnificent Bronze Award winners – 10 miles achieved!

Here are our magnificent Silver Award winners – 25 miles achieved!

Here are our Gold Achievers – 50 miles in total! Well done, a brilliant achievement!


Here are our first Emerald Achievers – an amazing 75 miles in total! Well done, a fantastic achievement!

Here are our 100 milers – the Ruby Award! A brilliant accomplishment!

We now have our first 150 milers – you can’t get higher than that! The Diamond Award! An amazing achievement!


The charts below show the information for the final week of the School Year, ending 20th July 2018. Can you see which classes did really well this year with our Golden Mile Challenge…?