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Y3 had a fantastic time at Butser Ancient Farm yesterday. Details and photos here

Year 3 have had a fantastic trip to Butser Ancient Farm! We were very lucky with the weather after going prepared for the wind and rain. We started by sitting in a Stone Age house around the smouldering fire whilst we found out about the exciting activities for the day. We then went and used hammers made from tree branches to crush the chalk that we needed to build a wall to a house. It was very messy but great fun to break it up into tiny pieces. We mixed this with water and mud from the ground to make our clunch that we squashed together to build a wall just like they used to many years ago!

Next, we became archaeologists as we worked together to carefully scrape away the soil and see what we could find the from the past. Finley discovered a huge animal bone and there was lots of pottery from different periods of history. We sorted our discoveries into metals, pottery and stones/bones. I think we now have a few future archaeologists in Green Class!

After our lunch, we made clay pots just using our hands. It was very messy again but great fun. We then did some chalk carving, using flint to smooth the chalk and leaves to colour it. Some even got to use some charcoal on it too as we were lucky enough to find some.

We had a brilliant day travelling back to the Stone Age time and realised just how hard they worked to do the simplest jobs. Well done Year 3 for all being wonderful and getting stuck in!


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