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School Council – British Values

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Our School Council were asked to give feedback on our British Values Workshops. Here is what they said:




Do not judge people by skin colour. Respect police men and police women. Do not judge people by their religion. Be thankful for democracy. Respect all people of Britain with all their differences.





We learnt that we need to respect different cultures and we need to respect the police as well as the law and different skin colours. We need to respect that we have a democracy. We need to respect that people come from different countries.




We are lucky that we have democracy and for our police officers. We should respect the law and different religions. We should not judge others because of their skin colour. We are also lucky to have liberty! We in Britain are proud of all our cultures, religions and beliefs!





We are lucky to have democracy. We learnt not to judge people by their skin colour. We should respect Britain in all ways. We should respect police officers whatever they tell us to do. We are proud of our multicultural Britain!





We should respect our police officers and do what they say. Be kind to people who believe in different religions. We are very grateful that we have a democracy and liberty. Accept people with different coloured skin because we are all the same!


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