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  Mrs Karen Lehman

   Role at school: SENDCo and Inclusion Teacher

   Likes: Blue sky, stars and trees

   Hobbies: Running, yoga, meditation, travelling and hiking

  Mrs Amanda Holl

   Role at school: YR Class Teacher; Subject Leader for Music

   Likes: Relaxing holidays with my family. Bacon sandwiches on a Sunday morning.

   Hobbies: Baking yummy cakes and biscuits. Swimming with my girls. Cross stitch when I get time!


  Ms Sonya Johnston

   Role at school: Year 2 Class Teacher; Subject Leader for MFL and Sciencee

   Likes: Walking the dog, going on bike rides with my daughter, chilling out watching repeat episodes of “Friends”!

   Hobbies: Swimming and running. 

  Ms Justine Buckley

   Role at school: Year 3 Class Teacher

   Likes: Climbing trees, spending time with my family and crocodiles.

   Hobbies: Reading, canoeing and long walks.

  Ms Nicola Edwards

   Role at school: Year 4 Class Teacher; Subject Leader for Religious Education

   Likes: Giraffes

   Hobbies: Playing netball, spending time with friends.

  Mrs Karen Becker

   Role at school: Year 5 Class Teacher; Subject Leader for Computing; Teacher Governor.

   Likes: I enjoy computers and like nothing more than sitting on my laptop finding new software or websites for educational purposes. I also really like my car!

   Hobbies: Computers, knitting and embroidery (when I get a chance!). Being with my family – chilling. Travelling, especially to Marco Island in Florida – my favourite place in the whole, wide world.

  Mrs Charlotte Frere-Cook

   Role at school: Year 6 Class Teacher; Subject Leader for Mathematics

   Likes: My cat Alba, spending time with family and friends, G.B.B.O., chocolate and frogs!

   Hobbies: Swimming, reading and travelling.

  Mrs Clare Cotton

   Role at school:  PPA Teacher (YR & Y1); Subject Leader for Phonics (RWI); Library Leader

   Likes: Sunny days and spending time with family and friends.

   Hobbies: I enjoy making and decorating cakes.

  Mrs. Jan Rennie

   Role at school: PPA Teacher (Y2.Y3.Y4 & Y5) ; Eco-Group Leader and Leader for G & T (Gifted and Talented).

   Likes: Walking my dog. Singing (I sometimes sing in a choir). Being with my family when I get the chance to see them because they live all over the country.

   Hobbies: I enjoy gardening and relaxing in my garden! I enjoy ‘upcycling’ and craft projects for my house. I also enjoy watching films and reading novels.