RSHE consultation to parents

From the Summer Term 2021, it is a statutory requirement that all schools in England and Wales are teaching Relationships, Health and Sex Education as a fundamental part of the curriculum. As part of implementing this curriculum, schools must consult with the children, parents, staff and governors to ensure there is a general consensus on our approaches to policy and the curriculum content. We will be starting this process on Monday 15th March 2021 and the consultation will close on Monday 22nd March 2021. As part of this consultation process, parents/carers will be asked to read through the documents below and fill in a questionnaire.


We believe that it is through the provision of PSHEC and RSHE that our children will be enabled to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society who value difference. At Walberton and Binsted CE Primary School we provide a framework in which sensitive discussions can take place. We prepare pupils for puberty and create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships. We help pupils develop self-respect, resilience, self-regulation and empathy. We empower our pupils to tackle barriers to learning, to raise their aspirations and become positive citizens in a forever changing world.


At Walberton and Binsted CE Primary School we deliver a PSHEC and RSHE curriculum which reflects the needs of our pupils. We believe that PSHEC and RSHE plays a vital part of primary education. It is delivered through discreet, focused lessons but is also embedded throughout the whole curriculum and is integral to the development of children’s values in order for them to become positive citizens in a fast changing world.

Please find a clear plan below to show the coverage of PSHEC and RSHE throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2. We have adopted a curriculum based upon our school cohort and using documentation from the West Sussex E4S (Education for Safeguarding) Curriculum Toolkit.


The impact of the PSHEC and RSHE curriculums will be seen through our pupils who will be able to explain what they are focusing on to become better citizens in our school community and the wider world.

Children will:

  • Demonstrate and apply British values of democracy, tolerance, mutual respect and follow rules and laws.
  • Demonstrate a healthy outlook towards school, behaviour and learning.
  • Become healthy and responsible members of society.
  • Demonstrate independence.
  • Know how to keep themselves safe, manage risk and have an age appropriate understanding of themselves.
  • Be able to make informed decisions.
  • Recognise the importance of their own mental health and well-being.
  • Develop good relationships with others in school and the wider community.
  • Respect difference between members of the school family and members of the wider community.

The skills learnt through the PSHEC and RSHE curriculums will:

  • Tackle barriers to learning.
  • Raise aspirations.
  • Improve life chances of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils.
  • Increase academic attainment.
  • Improve attendance rates.
  • Improve employability.
  • Boost social mobility.

By the time pupils leave Walberton and Binsted CE Primary School we aim to provide them with an understanding of how they are developing personally and socially and to provide ways to tackle moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up and the wider community they will find themselves in.

For more information, please click on the documents below: