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Year 4 Viking Day

We had a fantastic Viking day and the children’s costumes were incredible!

We made loaves of Viking bread which were delicious and we liked that the Vikings liked to drizzle honey over it as that made it taste even better! Some children made a Viking brooch with the Viking symbols of luck, hope, joy or strength on it. There were some amazing shield designs, Viking fact posters and lots of other masterpieces built throughout the day. In the afternoon, we performed our Viking battle dance and song to the parents. The children have been working really hard to put together their own ideas using variations of moves they have seen when watching Viking battles! They had to work within small groups and pairs for parts of the dance, focusing on synchronisation and keeping to a beat The children tried to include lots of twists, turns and different heights within the dance and had perfect timing! They also enjoyed adding instruments to our Viking song and making up actions to show they were strong, fierce Vikings who were not to be messed with!